Nomadic Pinay. Proud Ilongga. Former Beijinger. Brief New Yorker.

Currently an adopted Brazilian!


In 2006, I left my small hometown, Barotac Nuevo, in the Philippines to experience the world-- on my own. I was 24 without really knowing who I am and what I want, because like most Filipinos who left home, I was doing it for my family. 

I went to live in Beijing, China without any expectations, knowledge, and language skills of the new country, culture, and language that I have agreed for myself to be thrown into. I was literally a naive "probinsyana" girl that was totally fascinated, not to mention, overwhelmed by my-so-called-freedom-from-my-ever-protective-and-very-Catholic-Filipino-family.

I have experienced for the very first time in my life, HOW to ACT, DECIDE, and LIVE like an adult at the age of 24, and how to be called as an OFW in my country.

Beijing became a training ground to everything and anything that rhymes with HARD in my life. In hindsight, I should have prepared myself before embarking on such a HUGE move. Yet, I have nothing to regret for it has given me all the lifelong lessons that I will continue to share.

The best part?!? I was able to find my "forever" love in that country of 1.3 billion people--- whom I referred to as Frenchie, on my blog posts;)

I was also fortunate that I was able to meet a lot of inspiring individuals who have gradually helped me get to know myself better and I started identifying my own goals and own dreams.

This site is my contribution to the girls, ladies, and women of this world. Based from my personal experience, I was able to survive a foreign place & language because I was lucky enough to be surrounded by powerful and inspiring women---that guided and supported me. 

That's why I really hope that this will eventually become an interactive platform and avenue for all those of you who wanted to share a story, a heartbreak, an inspiration, a goal, or a travel dream. And modesty aside, I was always that girl in the group that they love to seek advise from. So maybe you need an advise from me too? :)

Help me create this for all of us. Sharing is caring, after all.


Love to you all!---Dinhs


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