A Healthy Pancake Recipe

You got 15 minutes in the morning? Try my banana pancake recipe for a healthier option of your breakfast meal.


What's Your Glass Castle?

I came across an inspiring memoir author, Jeannette Walls. And her story have struck a cord to me. And I think we can also learn a lot from her talk.

From Vitoria, Brazil

It has been a weekend of nightmare that nobody expected to see and experience.

As a Filipino living on this side of the world, I wanted to tell you all that Vitoria has always been a beautiful city.

US tourist visa vs. Schengen tourist visa application

Are you a Philippine passport holder and you want to apply for these visas while living and working abroad? Here's my own experience that might be helpful to you. 


Gratitude for 2016!

How was your year? In my case, I have so much to be grateful for. It was because of you that I made this site more meaningful and personal. What else am I thankful for? Read ahead.


Life Lessons Learned Through Travel

"Life is short."

Thinking you will live to an old age is nothing more than an assumption. Living till tomorrow is truly a blessing.


Your Body Language

On this ted talk, Amy Cuddy shared on how her body language changed her whole life--- that might also changed your life.