Gratitude for 2016



2016 was a great year for me. It was even awesome in many ways.

However, it also saddens me to think that as a world and as a member of humanity--- 2016 wasn't pleasant. Syrian war is very much happening as of this writing while my beloved Philippines is a divided nation because of our president-elect, Rodrigo Duterte.

But like every year that passed by, regardless of how it was for me, I always see it as a grateful year. Because in many ways than one, challenges make us stronger. Pain gives us a healing lesson. Above all, we learn so much about of ourselves and our individual capacities. 

And that makes us--- extraordinary!

What am I grateful in 2016?

I'm grateful for the time well spent with my family. After living in the farthest part of the world--- that is, South America it was such a wonderful feeling to be home for the holidays in the Philippines. Despite the longest journey I did and a very expensive flight, I'm grateful to hug them all. Nothing could really replace, family love.

I'm grateful for the new adventures. I did two awesome adventures in 2016--- Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro and Paragliding in Espirito Santo. I love how these bucket lists of mine are slowly being checked almost every year.

I'm grateful for the awesome events I attended. For 2016, I was able to experience two of the world's biggest event that happened to be in Brazil. The fabulous Rio Carnaval that takes place before Ash Wednesday, every year. It was my first time and I had such a crazy time! And the summer (Rio) Olympics that takes place every four years. It was my second Olympics. My first was in 2008 Beijing.

I'm grateful for my solo travel in Itaunas, Brazil. Every year, just after my birthday, I make it a point to go somewhere on my own. It has been a practice of mine since I turned 30. It's the best gift I could give to myself. Because frankly, no amount of material things could replace the experience, the journey, the lessons, and the happiness it brings. I feel liberated and rejuvenated for doing such thing.

I'm grateful for all the approved visas I got in 2016. As a Philippine passport holder, it is quite difficult to obtain or travel to foreign countries without a visa. I'm really grateful that through the guidance and help of some dearest people in my life, I was able to be granted a Brazilian work visa and Schengen tourist visa to France. Now more than ever, I have mastered the stress of having to go through each screening process and grilling interviews. Hashtag singleAsianwoman be like. 😉


I'm grateful for all our #FrenchieAtPinay reunions and adventures. Since Frenchie and I are in a long-distance-relationship for quite sometime now, the only way to make it work is for us to meet every six months. Thankfully, the Brazilian school calendar (February to December) allows me to have longer holidays that are also in-sync with Frenchie's schedules. In 2016, we were reunited in Singapore, Bali, the Amazon, and in France!

I'm grateful to be surrounded by inspiring, amazing, and wonderful women. My highlight of 2016 is meeting women at work who are all beautiful, artistic, and strong willed in their own individual rights. I love what I learned from each of them. Our diversity, cultural backgrounds, and religious beliefs make us united with our love of learning new things about each other and sharing life experiences being away from our own home countries. Our differences make me very hopeful for our divided world, because we are a true testament that regardless of our skin colors and nationalities, we respect and love each other. I mean, how many of us would be lucky to have girlfriends from Bermuda, USA, Ghana, England, Canada, Brazil, and the Philippines?! Can you just imagine our daily conversations throughout of 2016 about our students, life & family dramas, relationships, cultures, and travels? World-dominating! 

I'm grateful to be able to reach out to many friends and families through this blog. It was a conscious effort on my part to work on this personal project of mine. It was long and strenuous. But I am really happy of the result. Probably my best best achievement in 2016. For it is my wish and desire to inspire young girls and ladies to become the best versions of themselves by sharing my own personal journey and experiences. So thank you for ALL OF YOU THAT TOOK SOME TIME TO READ THIS BLOG. I love you all.

Above all, I'm grateful to continue doing what I love to do--- teaching. Nothing else in the world fulfills me as a person than knowing that I am able to teach children what they needed to learn early on with their lives. I love how their cuteness, innocence, and pure souls make a huge impact in my own life. I love how we all learn and teach from one another. They all bring joy and pride to me. And for that, I am really grateful.😍

How was your 2016? What were you grateful for?