Life Lessons Learned Through Travel


"For the people who never travel

or see the need to travel.''

I personally have never understood the need to travel, early on in my life. But when I finally decided to do my first ever solo travel trip at 30 years old-- my life and my perspective on how to live it, was totally changed on a bigger scale because of travelling! 

I have understood that we are not meant to just learn new things from what our parents tell us, from what our schools teach us, from what our society expects from us, and from what people think of us.

Because at the end of the day, we don't choose a kind of life--- WE LIVE ONE. 

So ever since, I promised myself to live the life of meeting interesting people, experiencing the fascinating cultures, and taking every inspiring moments as life-long lessons to share, just like on this video below:

1. Life is short.

2. Go against the herd.

3. Embrace the unknown.

4. Trust in your path. 

5. Dream big and ask help from others.

6. People are good-- everywhere

7. Realize you are your own creator.



May this inspires you that no matter what, you can always find a way to do this-- see the world, take risks, and get out from your comfort zone.